If your hardwood flooring gets wet, here?s what to do

If your hardwood flooring gets wet, here?s what to do

You might be concerned about the water challenges of hardwood flooring, especially if you live near a coastal city like Beaumont, TX.

Not to worry! It?s easy enough to combat them?and don?t panic if they do get wet.

Here?s a step-by-step to help you out.

First, remove all wet objects on or near the floor

That includes towels, rugs, mats, clothing, shoes?anything. My cousin has a rug layered over her wood floors. We had to get that rug out.

"But it must now weigh hundreds of pounds," she wailed. "We have no choice," I said. And we rolled it up and pushed it into the yard to get it off the hardwood floors.

Now use a wet vac

You can get them at hardware or home improvement stores. This machine will soak up the excess water.

You still need to wipe with a clean towel, however. Get in between planks and anywhere you think water can be hiding.

Now clean with a low-sudsing antibacterial soap

The water was most likely dirty. Dirty floors just attract more water. When done cleaning, use the wet vac again to soak up that water.

Call the experts if you have any doubt at all that water still exists. We'll be happy to take a look at your wood floors in Beaumont, TX, to advise you of any further treatment needed.

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