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Polyester or nylon? Does it matter?

There are lots of facts and factors surrounding your choice of carpet fiber. This choice can affect your floor's lifespan to a great extent.

You've likely heard about polyester and nylon, but which is best for you? It's worth your time to learn a little more about each choice for your best results.

Benefits of polyester flooring fibers

Polyester is an excellent choice for stain-fighting and stain resistance. It's a perfect choice for areas where spills happen but should serve only low-traffic spaces.

While these floors are excellent for preventing permanent stains, they crush faster. But they offer some of the most beautiful colors in carpet flooring.

Benefits of nylon flooring fibers

Nylon has a reputation for excellent strength and protection from crushing under traffic. As a result, it's often used in spaces where activity is highest.

Stain protection is not as good as polyesters. But results will be as good when used in spaces where stains are less likely.

Choosing your best options

It makes sense to use polyester in spaces where spills are likely, but nylon in high-traffic areas. But you still have other options if the risk of both is high.

Some carpet brands offer built-in stain protection that caters to stains and wear. These are perfect in homes with pets or children for complete peace of mind in every room.

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