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Is gray a standard color in hardwood flooring?

Is gray hardwood flooring a trend or a time-honored tradition? Well, most designers will tell you that they're here to stay.
A gray wood floor adds allure to any decor, from farmhouse rustic to modern urban, California coastal, and more.

Gray floors can be all one color or high variation with hints of silver, brown, and charcoal. They, like all wood, come with textures such as brushed, hand-scraped, and distressed.

Here are some facts about gray hardwood flooring. You may decide they're for you.

Gray can make a room look airy and more open

When shopping for wood floors in Beaumont, TX, remember that gray can make a room look bigger and brighter. So, gray may be for you, especially if your room is already small and narrow!

Gray coordinates well with anything

Gray is now considered the ?new neutral.? A gray floor is versatile enough to work well with any furnishings.

It doesn't matter if your walls and accessories are light or deeper and darker. They'll work with any interior plan.

Gray comes in many shades

What kind of atmosphere do you want to achieve with your solid or engineered wood flooring? You can easily accomplish any design goal with color variations and an extensive range of undertones.

You can get a neutral, understated feeling with a yellow or brown tone. Or, you may want a more serene one with a calmer tone, like slate or darker blue.

Gray is a practical choice

Lighter tones hide dust, light dirt, and scratches. Darker grays hide wear and tear and are especially good for large families with kids and pets.

One-stop floor-shopping in Southeastern Texas

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