You'll want something stylish, durable, and long-lasting when you shop for carpet. In addition, your fiber choice will be necessary, affecting the carpet's aesthetics and performance. 

Here are a few facts about fibers.

Fact #1

There are many kinds of fibers, including acrylics, but the five most common are:

1. Wool:
durable, soil resistant, soft, and luxurious. Wipe spills immediately.

2. Nylon:
known for ultra strength and resiliency. It is an excellent choice for large, active families and busy rooms. Nylon also has excellent stain resistance, especially when a protectant is used.

3. Polyester:
exceptional stain resistance.

4. Olefin:
mainly associated with looped constructions like the Berber style.

5. Triexta:
superior strength and permanent stain resistance built into the fiber.

Research the pros and cons of each. Our carpet store can help you find the right one for your needs.

Fact #2

There are both natural fibers and synthetics. Natural fibers, like wool, come directly from nature, animal fur, and plants. Synthetics, like nylon, are manufactured; obviously, there will be some chemicals in the manufacturing process.

Both are good choices that depend on your personal preference. Some prefer natural. Others, especially those with large families, consider synthetics the more practical option because of budget and stain resistance.

Fact #3: Those with allergies can still have carpets

Many fibers have inherent hypoallergenic properties. Wool is natural.

But when you shop for carpet in Beaumont, TX, you'll also find that many synthetic fibers are hypoallergenic. For example, nylon, polyester, and olefin repel mold and mildew, which are severe triggers.  

Triexta is made from corn sugar, so it's even suitable for those with asthma. All fibers have low or non-existent VOCs (volatile organic compounds which trigger allergies.)

If hypoallergenic products are a consideration, be sure all adhesives, padding, and other materials are chemical-free.

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